Strategic Plan


A cross-section of AGRO members met for three days in January 2011 to develop a new strategic plan for AGRO. The mission, vision and goals developed and now approved by the Executive Committee will guide the activities of the division for the next three years.

Mission Statement

AGRO, a Division of the American Chemical Society, brings together a worldwide community of scientists and stakeholders to advance knowledge and promote innovative solutions for the protection of agricultural productivity, public health and the environment.


AGRO will provide its members an interactive and supportive environment for professional growth, based on innovative programming and services that meet member needs. It will also serve as a community where collaboration and exchange of information will advance innovative solutions for a sustainable supply of food and fiber and protection of the environment and public health.

Goal 1

Leader: Laura McConnell
AGRO will enhance the membership experience by providing an interactive and supportive environment for professional growth.

  • Develop systems to increase member feedback
  • Revamp committees to serve division priorities
  • Improve networking opportunities and outreach
  • Facilitate discussion of news, international developments and scientific breakthroughs among members.

Goal 2

Leaders: Aldos Barefoot and John Clark

AGRO will develop the infrastructure for innovative, long range program planning to meet the needs of members and the scientific community.

  • Revitalize the programming committee for long range, innovative planning
  • Reach out in the US to other ACS divisions, professional societies and non-governmental organizations to develop collaborative programming
  • Increase pool of symposium organizers
  • Develop innovative, web-based electronic programming

Goal 3

Leaders: Ken Racke and Jay Gan

AGRO will be a global platform for collaboration and information exchange to advance innovative solutions for a sustainable food supply, the protection of the environment and public health

  • Set up an International Activities Committee to direct and energize AGRO initiatives
  • Establish strategic alliances and collaborations with key international groups of scientists in agricultural disciplines to increase recognition and participation
  • Annually sponsor at least one international programming collaboration
  • Increase AGRO membership and participation of international scientists