2011 ACS International Award for Research in Agrochemicals

Co-Sponsored by BASF Corporation and DuPont Crop Protection

DR. GEORGE P. LAHM is the recipient of the 2011 ACS International Award for Research in Agrochemicals.  Dr. Lahm was born in New York City, and grew up on Long Island as the oldest of nine children.  He obtained his B.S degree in chemistry from the State University of New York, Oswego in 1976 and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Indiana University, under Prof. Richard M. Jacobson. He also credits his undergraduate professor Dr. Augustine Silveira Jr. for his commitment and dedication to his students and the outstanding education he bestowed. In 1980, he joined the DuPont Biochemicals Department and initiated his career in the Insecticide Discovery group. In 2010, Dr. Lahm was appointed Dupont Distinguished Scientist, the company’s highest technical rank.

Dr. Lahm’s pioneering research in the area of sodium channel blocking insecticides set the stage for the discovery of the novel sodium channel blocker, indoxacarb, the first agricultural product to work by this mechanism.  In 1999, he discovered the anthranilic diamides, a new insecticide class, and led DuPont research teams in the discovery of Rynaxypyr® and CyazypyrTM. The team drove a remarkable advance from lead discovery to two of the most active insecticides ever developed.  Both Rynaxypyr® and CyazypyrTM represent landmarks for insect control.  They set new standards for efficacy, use rate and plant protection.  Both products also exhibit low toxicity to the environment, farmers, and consumers due to their unique mode of action, ryanodine receptor activation, with high insect specificity. First introduced in 2008, Rynaxypyr® has achieved remarkable success with 2010 sales of approximately $400 million and anticipated sales in excess of $500 million in 2011. Cyazypyr™ possesses a complementary spectrum of activity and is anticipated to be a game changing product when introduced next year.

Dr. Lahm was the co-recipient of the 2003 ACS Team Innovation Award for the discovery of indoxacarb and the recipient of the 2009 Spencer Award for outstanding achievement in the field of agricultural and food chemistry. He has been the recipient of several DuPont honors including the 2004 Pedersen Medal for scientific achievement, the 2003 and 2008 Bolton-Carothers corporate team awards for the respective discoveries of indoxacarb and Rynaxypyr®, and a 2004 Crop Protection R&D award for the discovery of CyazypyrTM. In 2010, Dr. Lahm was awarded the Lavoisier medal, DuPont’s highest technical award for lifetime contributions.

George and his wife Louise have two children, Sarah and Michael and a very recent grandchild, Grace.  He enjoys the outdoors and is an avid runner having competed in numerous marathons including New York and Boston. Dr. Lahm currently holds over 50 US and World patents and has published extensively at scientific meetings and in peer reviewed journals.