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Congratulations to all our travel grant winners!

First Place Winner

Lorena Fernandez, Biological stability and delivery studies to elucidate the role of thickener solid particles on water-in-oil emulsion containing microalgae. Jean VanderGheynst, U California, Davis AGRO 76.

Second Place Winner

Edinalvo Camargo. Degradation of saflufenacil as affected by moisture content and soil characteristics. Scott Senseman, Texas A&M AGRO 53.

Third Place Winners

Anna-Marie Alves. Deltamethrin increases peak current and slows deactivation kinetics of the voltage-gated calcium channel (CaV2.2) from rat brain following PKC dependent phosphorylation. John Clark U Massachusetts, Amherst AGRO 69.

Daniel Swale. Enzyme kinetic analysis of allosteric solvent effects when screening mosquito-selective carbamates against Anopheles gambiae. Jeffrey Bloomquist, U Florida AGRO 65.


Zhenshan Chen. DDA, a new water-soluble degradation product and biomarker of DDT in the Los Angeles Bight. Robert Krieger, U California, Riverside AGRO 54.

Jonathan Childress. Evaluating the mode of action of terpenoids as insecticides: Evidence for membrane interaction. Joel Coats, Iowa State U AGRO 70.

Yuping Ding. Assessing bioavailability and toxicity of permethrin and p,p’-DDT in sediment using matrix solid phase microextraction. Michael Lydy, Southern Illinois U AGRO 58.

Amanda Harwood. Predicting the toxicity of permethrin to Daphnia magna in water using SPME fibers. Michael Lydy, Southern Illinois U AGRO 61.

Qiang Huang. Raman microscopic analysis of PM10 for assessing source distributions from agricultural operations. Alba Torrents, U Maryland AGRO 77.

Yu Huang. Optical fiber ammonia gas sensor using a dual layer poly(methyl methacrylate)/ chlorophenol red coating. Shiquan Tao, Texas A&M AGRO 78.

Lacey Jenson. Mosquito cell lines as an economical platform for discovery of new insecticides to control malaria. Jeffrey Bloomquist, U Florida AGRO 75.

Weiying Jiang. Insecticide runoff from urban hard surfaces during simulated and natural rainfalls. Jay Gan, U California, Riverside AGRO 52.

Yu Liu. Cotton socks monitor the indoor distribution, fate, and persistence of fipronil following Frontline@ application to companion animals. AGRO 62.

Terry Lopez. Surrogate system using rubber latex gloves to assess contact transfer and accumulation of surface pesticide residues. Robert Krieger, University of California, Riverside AGRO 63.

Zhijiang Lu. Oxidation of bisphenol F (BPF) by manganese dioxide. Jay Gan, U California, Riverside AGRO 57.

James Mutunga. Differential potency and substrate kinetics of acetylcholinesterase peripheral site ligands: The molecular basis of selectivity for Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes. Jeffrey Bloomquist, U Florida AGRO 68.

Domenic Previte. Extensive permethrin resistance in North American head louse populations detected by quantitative sequencing and serial invasive signal amplification reactions. John Clark U Massachusetts, Amherst AGRO 66.

Miriam Revellame. Lignocellulosic biomass as a carbon source for biofuels production from oleaginous yeast. Darrell Sparks, Mississippi State AGRO 73.

Candace Williams. Isolation of cellulolytic organisms in the gastrointestinal tract of the giant panda and their potential use in the generation of lignocellulosic-based biofuels. Ashley Brown, Mississippi State AGRO 74.

Xiao Xiao. Decomposition of pharmaceuticals by manganese oxide molecular octahedral sieves. Ann Lemley, Cornell AGRO 55.