2012 AGRO New Investigator Award

Sponsored by Dow AgroSciences


Xin Zhang – Kansas State University
AGRO 210. Explore new insecticidal site targeting on chitin synthesis enzymes in Anopheles gambiae. Xin Zhang, K. Michel, K. Y. Zhu






Jeremy L. Conkle – University of California Riverside
AGRO 37. Forty years later: A reconnaissance of DDT in sediments of two southern California lakes. Jeremy L. Conkle, W. Wang, L. Delgado-Moreno, M. Anderson, J. Gan

Fan Tong – University of Florida Gainesville
AGRO 209. Fluorescent assay of acetylcholinesterase ligand interactions for design of insecticides targeting the mosquito vector of malaria, Anopheles gambiae. Fan Tong, P. R. Carlier, J. Li, M. Totrov, J. R. Bloomquist