2013 AGRO Award for Innovation in Chemistry of Agriculture

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Immunochemistry in motion: Applications to agrochemicals

Jeanette VanEmonDr. Jeanette M. Van Emon, an AGRO Councilor, is the recipient of the 2013 Award for Innovation in Chemistry of Agriculture. She is receiving this recognition for her creative and extensive research into applications of immunochemistry technology for the detection and measurement of pesticides and other toxic chemicals in environmental samples and in foods. The award will be presented at the Tuesday morning AGRO Awards Symposium, where she will also give a presentation.

Dr. Van Emon is a research chemist in the U.S. EPA National Exposure Research Lab in Las Vegas, Nevada. She became a member of the ACS during her graduate school days at UC Davis working in the labs of Bruce Hammock and Jim Seiber. Part of her graduate school research pioneered the use of immunoassays for measuring pesticides on clothing patches, air samples, and hand rinses taken during field monitoring and worker exposure studies. She credits ACS for providing her with many opportunities to interact with chemists and scientists across an array of fields from all over the globe. In 2012 she received the honor of ACS fellow for her work in applying some of the first immunoassays to environmental contaminants and for the development of the EPA Immunochemistry Summit meeting series. These meetings brought together government and academic researchers with chemical registrants for the first time to discuss the emerging area of environmental immunoassays.

These meetings helped to foster the acceptance of immunoassay technology by building partnerships and facilitating information exchanges within and outside EPA. Some of these Summit meetings were held in conjunction with AGRO programming at national ACS meetings. She received the EPA Office of Research and Development Statesmanship Award, and she was twice awarded the EPA and American Chemical Society joint Science Achievement Award in Chemistry for her research and outreach to other agencies and organizations.

In addition to being an AGRO Councilor, she is a member of the Division Activities Committee and Innovative Project Grants Subcommittee. She is Chair of the ACS Western Regional Board and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. She is past Chair and Program Chair for the AGRO Division. She is a past editorial board member for Analytical Chemistry. She has been twice chairman for the Southern Nevada Local Section, co-organizer of the 2008 Western Regional Meeting, and is currently chair of the Section’s Women Chemist Committee. She has organized several ACS symposia which have resulted in ACS symposium series books.