2013 AGRO Division Fellow – Cathleen Hapeman

hapeman-cDr. Cathleen J. Hapeman earned her BS (Chemistry 1981) and PhD (Mechanistic Organic Photochemisty 1986) at the University of Maryland, College Park and then promptly  moved two miles down US Route 1 to USDA-ARS in Beltsville, Maryland. Her research has focused on both basic and applied aspects of pollutant fate, blending chemical proficiency and environmental process expertise with decades of experience in agricultural practices and acquired regulatory knowledge. She served as Research Leader for eight years where she learned very quickly that effectively communicating scientific achievements is as important as the discoveries themselves.

Cathleen has been involved with AGRO since she started her research career at ARS. She was the first recipient of the AGRO Young Scientist Research Award, making her keenly aware of how this support can boost a scientist in their early career. For several years she served as Coordinator of the New Investigator Award, which has recently been restructured to include an oral presentation competition. Cathleen has also organized many AGRO symposia and mentored others to organize and run symposia, frequently in collaboration with other Divisions. She has engaged non-research scientists, regulators, and policy makers to participate and to contribute their perspectives. As a member of the Communications Committee she has been involved in exploring non-traditional venues for providing AGRO members with useful information.

Although Cathleen has contributed in many ways to AGRO’s success, perhaps her most substantial achievement to date has been as the editor of the PICOGRAM which has become a premier ACS Division publication. She reorganized the PICOGRAM format to meet membership needs and to provide a more informative document for the National ACS Meetings. Since 2006, she has worked closely with all the Division Program Chairs in preparing for upcoming meetings, including streamlining the proposals for Symposia (Call for Papers), editing abstracts, and modifying each PICOGRAM edition for each meeting.

A member of the Executive Committee since 2005, Cathleen currently serves as the 2013 AGRO Vice Chair. She is actively engaged in her upcoming role as AGRO 2014 Program Chair and Scientific Program Chair of the 13th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry. She looks forward to a year of intense activity working with co-organizers Laura McConnell and Ken Racke, the Scientific Program Committee Teams, and all the other committees and organizers.