2014 AGRO Division Fellow – Jeanette Van Emon

Jeanette VanEmonDr. Jeanette M. Van Emon has been active in the AGRO Division since graduate school.
Her first scientific paper at a national ACS meeting was given at an AGRO symposium organized by Dr. James Seiber. Jeanette studied pesticide residue methods for environmental monitoring and human exposure assessment at the University of California-Davis (UCD) in the Seiber laboratory and specialized in immunoassay methods with Dr. Bruce Hammock also at UCD. She earned her PhD for developing and applying immunoassay methods for paraquat and pyrethroid pesticides. Her research on pesticide immunoassays was continued during a post doctoral position at the University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where she developed monoclonal antibodies.

Following her post-doctoral studies, Jeanette joined the US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development as the Agency’s expert on immunoassays for environmental contaminants. She is the recipient of several EPA awards including twice receiving the EPA Science Achievement Award in chemistry given jointly by ACS. She has also been recognized by the EPA for her Immunochemistry Summit meeting series which have been a part of AGRO programming.

Throughout her career, Jeanette has been very active with ACS, particularly with the AGRO Division. She is currently a Councilor for AGRO, and has held the offices of Chair, Vice-Chair, Program Chair, and Executive Committee member. She has been active with AGRO’s long-term planning initiatives and is a member of the IUPAC 2014 Planning Committee. Jeanette is co-organizing a symposium on proteomics and metabolomics for the 2015 PACIFICHEM meeting. She has organized several other AGRO symposia, including the first ACS symposium on immunoassays for environmental contaminants. She has developed ACS books based on her AGRO symposia and also coordinated symposium papers for publication in ACS journals.

Jeanette is an ACS Fellow with her nomination supported by both AGRO and the Southern Nevada Section. In addition to her AGRO activities, Jeanette is Chair of the ACS Western Regional Board and the Woman’s Committee for her Local Section and is on the editorial advisory board for the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. She is a member of the ACS Divisional Activities Committee and Vice-Chair of the Innovative Projects Grant subcommittee and serves on special discretionary ACS committees. She also co-organized the 2008 ACS Western Regional Meeting which received support from AGRO.