2015 ACS Fellow Award – Rodney Bennett

Contribution to the science/profession: Recognized as a lifelong champion in stewardship for crop protection products. Developed innovative approaches to analytical detection of residue products and study designs for environmental monitoring and worker exposure assessment.
Contribution to the ACS community: Served in multiple roles for local sections, including Chair and on Academic–Industrial Matrix and regional meeting committees. Served as Chair and Councilor for the Division of Agrochemicals. Active on the Committee on Divisional Activities, multiple subcommittees, and the Division Officers’ Caucus.

Rod was born in High Point, North Carolina, in 1956. The family was in furniture
manufacturing and textile production, and was a part of the heritage from the Bennett Place in Durham, North Carolina, the site of the largest surrender of troops in the U.S. Civil War. After graduation from Wake Forest University in Winston-
Salem, North Carolina, Rod began his career with Ciba-Geigy Corporation in Greensboro, North Carolina. Later he moved to En-Cas Analytical Laboratories in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he was Technical Director for twelve years. His professional specialties included residue chemistry, metabolism, environmental fate and worker exposure. Later after moving to Easton, Maryland, with Wildlife International Ltd., Rod picked up some additional interests in aquatic and avian toxicology. Limited sailing skills were a fun diversion on the Chesapeake Bay even though not perfected.

His professional activities have led him to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area with Elf Atochem, which became Cerexagri, then part of United Phosphorus, and then JRF America. These last endeavors have entertained him for the past sixteen years.
Most recently, Rod has joined Critical Path Services, LLC, a Knoell Company (with multiple locations including PA and NC). Each day holds the opportunity to learn something new and to make a positive difference.

Rod’s involvement within the American Chemical Society began in earnest within the Central North Carolina Section (CNC). Excellent program initiatives, such as the Academic-Industrial-Matrix (AIM), sparked a lifelong devotion to the service that ACS
provides to individuals and the overall community. On the local front, Rod has had the privilege to serve as secretary, treasurer, vice-chair, and chair of the CNC Section, as well as on the board of managers and as secretary for the Chemical Society of Washington, the Washinton, DC, section of ACS. At various times, he has served as membership chair, regional meeting committee chair, editor, and in other various local ACS activities.

On the national front, Rod has been active in the AGRO for the past thirty-six years. He has served as Membership Chair, Vice Chair, Program Chair, and Chair. Currently, Rod is an AGRO Councilor, on the Divisional Activities Committee (DAC), chair of the Technical Programming and Collaboration Subcommittee, chair of the Divisional Officers Caucus (DOC), co-chair of the DAC-IAC working group, and on the editorial board of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Rod is very humbled and greatly honored to have been selected as an ACS Fellow in the class of 2015. Although nomination for the ACS Fellow award came from the Divisional Activities Committee, AGRO is proud to claim him as our own. To be able to work and serve with such a wonderful group as the ACS family is a very special privilege. He hopes that he can live up to the superb examples shown by the current ACS Fellows whom he
now proudly joins.