2015 ACS International Award for Research in Agrochemicals

Sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection

Keith WingDr. Keith Wing is currently a consultant in industrial biochemistry and strategic planning, specializing in agricultural and renewable chemical areas. His Bachelor’s was from UCLA (1972-1976), PhD from UC Riverside/Davis (1976-1981, Hammock lab) and post-doc at UC Berkeley (1981-1983, Casida lab). He was a senior insect physiologist at Rohm and Haas Ag Chemicals from 1981-1990 and helped discover a novel class of non-steroidal molting hormone agonists. This work led to the commercialization of three insecticides including Methoxyfenozide® and the launch of a new area of insecticide and hormone receptor research. In 1990, he moved to DuPont Crop Protection and continued work in agrochemical discovery as a senior research associate. Working with large teams, he helped to discover and optimize Indoxacarb®, the first commercialized insect-bioactivated sodium channel blocker insecticide and later Cyazypr®, a novel diamide ryanodine receptor-activating insecticide with improved plant mobility. During this time he also designed and implemented high-throughput screens and other discovery initiatives. From 2004-2011, Dr. Wing worked as a senior research associate in DuPont Central Research and Development. He first led a team developing a RT-PCR-based rapid Listeria detection kit. Following this work, he led a large team for six years developing integrated biomass-to-biofuels processes which have contributed to an ongoing DuPont cellulosic ethanol business venture. Dr. Wing is a co-inventor or author on a number of insecticide and enzyme technology patents and publications. He has led/worked on teams which used a variety of biochemical/chemical technologies to discover and commercialize new products, leading to positive agricultural business outcomes.