2016 ACS Fellow Award – Aldos C. Barefoot

Contribution to the science/profession: Recognized for continuous leadership in balancing agricultural and environmental science with business acumen and sensible, effective governmental regulations to reach the food, feed, fiber, and fuel needs of the global community.

Contribution to the ACS community: Recognized for sustained service to the Division of Agrochemicals, providing perceptive guidance in strategic planning and financial management, encouraging and supporting new scientists and students, and serving in many leadership roles and offices.

Dr. Aldos Barefoot is a Senior Technical Fellow with DuPont Crop Protection in Newark, Delaware. He has over 34 years of experience sponsoring and supervising environmental fate and modeling projects that meet data requirements for registration, providing project leadership and support to business and registration managers and developing the organizational capabilities in environmental assessments necessary for use of DuPont products world wide.

Al earned a BS from Davidson College in 1974 and MA and PhD. degrees from Dartmouth College in 1978 and 1981, respectively. He began his career in research in physical organic chemistry with Felix Carroll at Davidson and continued his organic chemistry education with David Lemal at Dartmouth. After taking a position with DuPont as a process chemist, he developed an interest in analytical chemistry and completed his doctoral research in environmental analytical chemistry with James Hornig.

After returning to DuPont, Al served in several process analytical chemistry roles before accepting the opportunity to work in the environmental fate and metabolism of agricultural chemicals. He conducted research projects to develop data for regulatory submissions and prepared responses to regulatory reviews of environmental fate studies and exposure modeling for registration of new and existing products. During his career he designed and led environmental fate and exposure modeling programs that provided the basis for decisions on registration and use of new and well-established products in US, Japan, Europe, Central America and Australia. He actively participated in and led industry work groups formed to meet data requirements for environmental fate studies, and he represented DuPont in task forces on spray drift and pyrethroid insecticides. He has directed responses to US EPA evaluations of drinking water contributions to dietary risk assessments for insecticide products requiring close cooperation with registration, risk assessors, EPA product managers and environmental modelers. Throughout his career he has consulted with internal and external stakeholders to insure that goals for research and data development programs met both regulatory and DuPont stewardship objectives.

Al has been active in a number of CropLife America technical committees dealing with environmental fate data requirements for product registrations, spray drift issues, and
environmental risk assessments and endangered species evaluations. He has been recognized for his leadership within CropLife America through several awards acknowledging his work with field dissipation study, spray drift management, and
endangered species committees. His service to the industry includes participation in the Western Plant Health Association on the Water Quality Committee. Al has applied his knowledge of environmental fate studies and environmental risk assessments to the Spray Drift Task Force Technical Committee where he participated in concluding technical activities of the task force and supported the initiation and development of EPA’s Drift Reduction Technology program. As part of the Pyrethroid Working Group technical committee, he developed and coordinated a research program on the degradation and distribution of pyrethroid insecticides in Publically Operated Treatment Works (POTWs) in California.

Al has been a member of ACS since 1975 and became active in AGRO in the mid- 90’s. He was DuPont’s representative for 20 years in its sponsorship of the International Award for Research in Agrochemicals. He has participated in AGRO as an organizer of symposia, Secretary of the Division, member of the Executive Committee, and Chair. He participated in AGRO’s strategic planning workshops in 2006 and 2011. He has organized ten symposia on various topics including terrestrial field dissipation, biodiversity, ecological risk assessment and surface water quality. As the Co-organizer of the 4th Pan-Pacific Conference, he was able to work with AGRO officers and members to implement key parts of the AGRO strategic vision – increased interaction with other professional societies on an international level and a change to programming to one ACS National Meeting per year. AGRO’s continued to develop international connections through successful collaboration with the Pesticide Science Society of Japan, IUPAC and Beijing Pesticide Society in the 5th Pan Pacific Pesticide Conference. Al served as a member of the IUPAC Congress organizing committee and chair of the Human and Ecosystem Risk Assessment topic area. Al was elected a Fellow of the Agrochemicals Division in 2014 and continues to serve AGRO as an Alternate Councilor.