2017 AGRO New Investigator Award Winner – Maykel Hernández-Mesa

Dr. Maykel Hernández-Mesa received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Granada (Spain) in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Ana María García-Campaña and Prof. Carmen Cruces-Blanco. His PhD was focused on the development of analytical methods based on capillary electrophoresis, capillary electrochromatography and liquid chromatography, for the determination of 5-nitroimidazole residues in food, environmental and clinical samples. After completing his PhD studies, Dr. Hernández-Mesa was awarded with a postdoctoral fellowship from the Spanish “Fundación Ramón Areces”, enabling him to join the “Laboratoire d’Etude des Résidus et Contaminants dans les Aliments” (LABERCA) in Nantes (France). Under the scientific supervision of Prof. Bruno Le Bizec (director of LABERCA) and Dr. Gaud Dervilly-Pinel, Dr. Hernández-Mesa is currently exploring the potential of ion mobility-mass spectrometry as an innovative tool in steroidomics. In this context, Dr. Hernández-Mesa is developing new strategies for the detection of steroidome disruption in livestock that has been exposed to forbidden veterinary substances.