246th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

September 8-12, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana
ACS Theme: Chemistry in Motion

2013 AGRO Program Chair, Stephen O. Duke

Abstracts for all presentations can be found in Volume 84 of the Picogram.

Awards Presented

ACS International Award for Research in Agrochemicals
Sponsored by DuPont
Crop Protection
Awardee:  René Feyereisen
Organizer: Jim Ottea

Sterling B. Hendricks Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by USDA-ARS, Cosponsored by AGFD
Awardee:  Keith Solomon
Contact:  Stephen O. Duke, 662-915-1036

AGRO Award for Innovation in Chemistry of Agriculture
Sponsored by BASF

Contact:  James Seiber, 530-752-1465

AGRO New Investigator Award
Sponsored by Dow AgroSciences

Organizer: Steven Lehotay, USDA-ARS, 215-233-6433
Finalists:  To be announced

AGRO Education Awards for Undergraduate and Graduate Student Travel: Research Poster Presentations
Sponsored by Bayer CropScience

Diana Aga, University of Buffalo, 716-645-4220
Marja Koivunen, Eurofins Agroscience Services, 559-399-4510

JAFC Best Paper Awards
Sponsored by the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Cosponsored by AGFD
Contact:  James Seiber, 530-752-1465

Technical Symposia

Accurate Mass Analyses in Support of Agricultural Chemicals Research and Development
Paul Reibach, Smithers Viscient, Wareham, MA, 508-295-2550
Mansoor Saeed, Smithers Viscient, Harrogate, UK, 44 (0) 8450-342-116

ADME – the Motion of Veterinary Drugs and Xenobiotics
Cosponsored by AGFD and ENVR
Teresa A. Wehner, Merial PKDM, 732-729-5713
Sara J. Lupton, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, 701-239-1236

Advanced Bioanalytical Technologies for GM Product Detection
Cosponsored by AGFD and ANAL
Guomin Shan, Dow AgroSciences, 317-337-4118
Cathy Zhong, DuPont Pioneer, 302-695-2169
Agnes M. Rimando, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, 662-915-1037

Air Quality at the Interface: Megacities and Agroecosystems
Financially supported by SETAC Chemistry Advisory Group, ENVR, and Committee on Environmental Improvement
George Cobb, Baylor University, 254-710-6556
Sasha Madronich, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 303-497-1430
Peter Green, University of California, Davis, 530-752-8581
Laura McConnell, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, 301-504-6298
Elin Ulrich, US Environmental Protection Agency, 919-541-3717

Assessing Potential Ecological and Human Health Effects from the Fertilizer and Pesticide Use in Urban Environments
Financially supported by Pyrethroid Working Group
Russell L. Jones, Bayer CropScience, 919-549-3912
Mah Shamim, US Environmental Protection Agency, 703-305-5025
Jan Gan, University of California-Riverside, 951-827-2712

Biopesticides: State of the Art and Future Opportunities
Financially supported by American Chemical Society Innovation Grant and Ag Biotech Stewardship Technical Committee
Joel R. Coats, Iowa State University, 515-294-4776
Stephen O. Duke, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, 662-915-1036
Aaron D. Gross, Iowas State University, 515-294-9823
James N. Seiber, University of California, Davis, 530-752-3394,

Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment for Agricultural Use of Chlorpyrifos in the US
Financially supported by Dow AgroSciences
Keith Solomon, University of Guelph, 519-824-4120 x 58792
Nick Poletika, Dow Agroscience, 317-337-3476
John Giesy, University of Saskatchewan, 306-966-2096

Environmental Fate, Transport and Modeling of Agriculturally-related Chemicals
Cosponsored by ENVR
Scott H. Jackson, BASF, 919-547-2349
Thomas Potter, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, 229-386-7073
Natalia Peranginangin, Syngenta Crop Protection, 336-632-7389

Herbicide-resistant Crops and Weeds – Current Status
Thomas C. Mueller, University of Tennessee, 865-974-8805
Jerry M. Green, Pioneer, 302-366-5548

High Throughput Pesticide Residue Analysis
Cosponsored by ANYL and ENVR
Financially suppported by Monsanto
Leah Riter, Monsanto Corporation, 314-694-7389
Manasi Saha, BASF, 919-547-2232

Non-First Order Dissipation and Time-Dependent Sorption of Organic Chemicals in Soil:  Measurement, Modeling, and Impact on Environmental Exposure Predictions
Financially supported by Syngenta Crop Protection
Wenlin Chen, Syngenta, 336-632-2015
Dirk F. Young, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 703-605-0206
Steven Cryer, Dow AgroSciences, 317-337-3428
Scott R. Yates, USDA-ARS, Riverside, 951-369-4803

Pesticide Regulatory Science in the 21st Century: Merging Research and Regulations
Financially supported by Council for the Advancement of Pyrethroid Human Risk Assessment
Matthew Brooks, Ag-Chem Consulting LLC, 703-266-0128
Tom Osimitz, Science Strategies LLC, 434-974-9444

Pesticides Residues in Food and Feed: Scientific and Regulatory Global Needs
Sponsored by Golden Pacific Laboratories and Dow AgroSciences
Carmen Tiu, Dow AgroSciences, 317-337-4041
Phil Brindle, BASF Agricultural Solutions, 919-547-2654
Heidi Irrig, Syngenta, 336-632-7243

Protection of Agricultural Productivity, Public Health, and the Environment – General Session
Stephen Duke, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, 662-915-1036

Pollinators and Pesticides
Troy D. Anderson, Virginia Tech, 540-231-1862
Richard D. Fell, Virginia Tech, 540-231-7207

Regulatory Risk Assessment: New Paradigms for Human Health Exposure
Financially supported by Dow AgroSciences
Cheryl B. Cleveland, Dow AgroSciences, 317-337-3532
Curt Lunchick, Bayer CropScience, 919-549-2986

RNA interference (RNAi) as an Agrochemical
Dan Strickman, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, 301-504-5771

Spray Application Technology
Scott H. Jackson, BASF, 919-547-2349
Andrew Hewitt, Lincoln Ventures, +64 3 325 3700
Greg Kruger, University of Nebraska, 308-696-6715

Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals
Tom Stevenson, DuPont Crop Protection, 302-366-5744
Beth Lorsbach, Dow AgroSciences,  317-337-3073
Denise Cudworth, Dow AgroSciences, 317-337-3134
Vid Hegde, Dow AgroSciences, 317-337-3032

Terrestrial Field Dissipation Studies in Global Agrochemical Registration Programs
Financially supported by Waterborne Environmental Inc.
Raju Gangaraju, Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency
Mah Shamim, US Environmental Protection Agency, 703-305-5025
Richard Allen, Valent U.S.A. Corporation, 925-948-2934

21st Century Vision for Testing and Risk Assessment: Implications for Agrochemicals
Cheryl Cleveland, Dow AgroSciences, 317-337 3532
Michelle Embry, ILSI HESI, 202-659-3306
Jennifer McLain, US Environmental Protection Agency, 703-308-0293
Tim Pastoor, Syngenta, 336-632-2226
Craig Rowlands, The Dow Chemical Co, 989-636-0935
Keith Solomon, University of Guelph, 519-824-4120 x 58792

Uptake, Translocation, and Distribution of Agrochemicals in Plants
Cosponsored by AGFD and ENVR
Financially supported by Dow AgroSciences
Kyung Myung, Dow AgroSciences, 317-337-7104