252nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition

252nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition
August 21-25, 2016
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Program Theme: Chemistry of the People, by the People and for the People

Program Chair:  Jay Gan, University of California, Riverside

NEW! Abstract Submission Has Been Extended to March 25th.


Symposium Titles and Organizers:

Advances and Challenges of Controlling Arthropod Pests – Early Career Scientist Symposium
Andrew Nuss, University of Nevada, Reno, anuss@cabnr.unr.edu
Aaron Gross, University of Florida,adgross@epi.ufl.edu

Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology: Interpretation and Correlation of ELISA and LC-MS/MS for Protein Quantitation
Ryan Hill, Dow AgroScieces, LLC, rhill1@dow.com
Norma Houston, DuPont Pioneer, norma.houston@cgr.dupont.com
Julie Eble, Critical Path Services, LLC, julie.eble@criticalpathservices.com
Lisa Buchholz, Dow AgroSciences, LLC, LMBuchholz@dow.com

Advances in Agrochemical Metabolism and Metabolomics
Kimberly Ralston-Hooper, Dow AgroSciences, KJRalstonHooper@dow.com
Jeff Gilbert, Dow AgroSciences, USA,  jrgilbert@dow.com
Corey Griffith, University of California, Riverside, corey.griffth@email.ucr.edu
Qing Li, University of Hawaii at Manoa, qingl@hawaii.edu
James Seiber, University of California, Davis, jnseiber@ucdavis.edu

Advances in Residues Analysis of Bee Relevant Matrices: Analytical Methods and Sampling Techniques
Manasi Saha, BASF,  manasi.saha@basf.com
Thomas Gould, Bayer CropScience, tom.gould@bayer.com
Yunjie Ding, Dow,  yding1@dow.com

Agrochemicals and Pollinators-Current Science and Risk Assessment Approaches
John Purdy, Abacus Consulting Services Ltd, john@abacuscsl.com
Marie Maks, Marie Maks Regulatory Consulting, marieann.tmaks@gmail.com
Gregg Hancock, Waterborne Environmental Inc., hancockg@waterborne-env.com

Antimicrobial Resistance and Agriculture
Steven J. Lehotay, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Steven.Lehotay@ars.usda.gov

Cannabis and Agrochemicals: Analytical, Environmental and Regulatory Challenges
Glenn C. Miller, Ph.D., University of Nevada, glennm@unr.edu
Kevin L. Armbrust, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, armbrust@lsu.edu
Laurel A. Royer, Ph.D., Exponent, Inc.  lroyer@exponent.com
Julie Kowalski, Ph.D., Restek Corporation, Julie.Kowalski@restek.com

Computational Chemistry and Toxicology in Chemical Discovery and Assessment (QSARs)
Stuart Z. Cohen, Environmental & Turf Services, Inc., ets@ets-md.com
Michael Barrett, Office of Pesticide Programs, US Environmental Protection Agency, Barrett.Michael@epa.gov

Controlling Zika Vector Mosquitoes
Kamal Chauhan, USDA-ARS, kamal.chauhan@ars.usda.gov

Emerging Mass Spectrometry Trends in Support of Agricultural Research and Development
Paul Reibach, Smithers Viscient, preibach@smithers.com
Jesse Balcer, Dow AgroSciences, jlbalcer@dow.com

Environmental Fate, Transport and Modeling of Agriculturally-related Chemicals
Scott H. Jackson, BASF, scott.jackson@basf.com
Jane Tang, Bayer, jane-zhenxu.tang@bayer.com

Environmental Risk Assessment of Down-the-Drain Chemicals
Christopher Holmes, Waterborne Environmental, holmesc@waterborne-env.com
Kalumbu Malekani, Smithers Viscient, kmalekani@smithers.com
Mah Shamim, US EPA
John A. Weeks, SC Johnson, JAWeeks@SCJ.COM

Environmental Statistics –Trend analysis of data in exposure and risk assessment
Gerco Hoogeweg, Waterborne Environmental, Inc., hoogewegg@waterborne-env.com
Natalia Peranginangin, Syngenta LLC., natalia.peranginangin@syngenta.com

Environmental Study Design – Current and Emerging Guidelines
Harika Adusumilli, Dow AgroSciences, hadusumilli@dow.com
He Wang, Dow AgroSciences, hwang8@dow.com

Extraction Efficiency-Bridging between Metabolism studies and Residue Analytical Methods
Manasi Saha, BASF, manasi.saha@basf.com
Zhou, Xiao Dow AgroSciences xzhou5@dow.com

Fate and Metabolism of Agrochemicals – Early Career Scientist Symposium
Yunjie Ding, Dow AgroSciences, yding1@dow.com
Fang Jia, Bayer CropScience LP, fang.jia@bayer.com
Mingming Ma, Dow AgroSciences LLC, mma3@dow.com
Shanique Grant, Syngenta Crop Protection LLC, shanique.grant@syngenta.com

Glyphosate: Current Status and Future Prospects
Stephen Duke, USDA, ARS, stephen.duke@ars.usda.gov
Keith Solomon, Guelph University, ksolomon@uoguelph.ca

Good Laboratory Practices for the Agrochemical Professional
Patricia Maldonado, Dow AgroSciences, pmmaldonado@dow.com

Ion Channels & G-Protein Coupled Receptors: Honoring Dr. Yoshihisa Ozoe, ACS International Award for Research in Agrochemicals
Joel Coats, Iowa State University, jcoats@iastate.edu

Increasing the Value of Water Monitoring Data for Pesticide Fate and Effects Evaluations
Al Barefoot, DuPont, aldos.c.barefoot@dupont.com
Rochelle Bohaty, US EPA, bohaty.rochelle@epa.gov
Lisa Nowell, USGS, lhnowell@usgs.gov

Innovations in Agrochemical Mode of Action Studies and the Impact of Global Human Health Requirements
Jessica LaRocca, Dow AgroSciences, jllarocca@dow.com

Innovations in Human Health Exposure & Risk Assessment
Claire Terry, Dow AgroSciences, cterry@dow.com

Innovative Approaches in Designing Agrochemical Metabolism Studies
Jalees Afzal, BASF Corporation,  Jalees.afzal@basf.com
M A F Jalal, Valent USA Corporation,maf.jalal@valent.com

Natural Products as Biorational Pesticides in Agriculture
John J. Beck, USDA-ARS, john.beck@ars.usda.gov
Rachel L. Vannette, UC Davis. rlvannette@ucdavis.edu
Charles J. Stuhl, USDA-ARS, charles.stuhl@ars.usda.gov

Neonicotinoid Insecticides: Use, Fate and Effects
Michelle Hladik, U.S. Geological Survey, mhladik@usgs.gov
Xiaoxia Lu, Peking University, luxx@urban.pku.edu.cn

Novel analytical methods for analysis of emerging contaminants of concern: advances and challenges
Yelena Sapozhnikova, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Yelena.Sapozhnikova@ars.usda.gov
Laurel Dodgen, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, LKDodgen@Illinois.edu

Subsurface Fate of Pesticides
Michael R. Barrett, US EPA, barrett.michael@epa.gov
Yunjie Ding, Dow AgroSciences, yding1@dow.com
Michael Xiao Huang, DuPont Crop Protection, Michael-Xiao.Huang@dupont.com
Amy Ritter, Waterborne Environmental, Inc., rittera@waterborne-env.com

Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals in memory of Dr. Thomas Bretschneider
Tom Stevenson, DuPont Crop Protection, thomas.m.stevenson@usa.dupont.com

Terrestrial Field Dissipation Studies: Current Regulatory Guidance, Study Design, and Utility of Data in Exposure and Risk Characterization
Andy Newcombe, Arcadis, andy.newcombe@arcadis.com
Richard Allen, Valent U.S.A. Corporation, richard.allen@valent.com
Ralph Warren, BASF Corporation, ralph.warren@basf.com

Who Should Regulate Pesticides in Our Food?
Phil Brindle, BASF Agricultural Solutions philip.brindle@basf.com
Heidi Irrig, Syngenta, heidi.irrig@syngenta.com
Carmen Tiu, Dow AgroSciences, tcarmen@dow.com