AGRO contributes to programming in a number of venues.  Our largest program is at the ACS Fall National Meeting each Year.

Upcoming ACS National Meetings

256th ACS National Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts
August 19-23, 2018
Program Chair, Julie Eble at
Information on the Conference is available at the ACS website.
The AGRO program will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Co-Sponsored Symposia, Workshops or Conferences

54th North American Chemical Residue Workshop
July 23-25, 2017
Naples Grande Beach Resort
Naples, Florida

IUPAC 2019
14th IUPAC International Congress of Crop Protection Chemistry
May 19-24, 2019
Ghent, Belgium.

Recent Meetings

6th Latin American Pesticide Residues Workshop
May 14-17, 2017
San Jose, Costa Rica

252nd ACS National Meeting & Exposition
August 21-25, 2016
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Program Theme: Chemistry of the People, by the People and for the People
Program Chair:  Jay Gan, University of California, Riverside

250th ACS National Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts
August 16-20, 2015
Program Chair:  Pamela Rice

13th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemisitry
and 248th ACS National Meeting and Exposition
San Francisco, CA, August, 10-14, 2014
Co-chairs, Ken Racke and Laura McConnell
Program Chair, Cathleen Hapeman

246th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Indianapolis, Indiana
September 8-12, 2013
Program Chair, Stephen Duke

244th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 19-23, 2012
Program Chair, John Clark
Link to Technical Program

242nd ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Denver, Colorado
August 28 – September 1, 2011
Program Chair, Aldos C. Barefoot

Pacifichem, Honolulu, Hawaii
December  15-20, 2010
AGRO Symposium Sponsor, John Johnston

239th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco, California
March 21-25, 2010
Program Chair, Kenneth Racke

3rd International Workshop on Crop Protection Chemistry in Latin America, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 9-12, 2009.

238th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Washington, DC
August 16-20, 2009
Program Chairs, Ellen Arthur and Kevin Armbrust

SETAC North America 29th Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL, November 16-20, 2008,

236th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 17-21, 2008

28th Latinamerican Chemical Congress (FLAQ) and Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico July 27 – August 2, 2008

4th Pan Pacific Conference on Pesticide Science, Honolulu, Hawaii
June 1-5, 2008

234th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Boston, Massachusetts
August 19-23, 2007

233th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Chicago, Illinois
March 25-29, 2007

232nd ACS National Meeting and Exposition,  San Francisco, California
September 10-14, 2006

231st ACS National Meeting and Exposition, Atlanta, Georgia
March 26-30, 2006