Peru Distinguished Lecture Series

Peru Distinguished Lecture SeriesLabatorio de Toxicologia de Plaguicidas100_0934AGRO has partnered with Dr. Luis Ruzo to create the Peru Distinguished Lecture Series at the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, UNALM (the Agricultural University) in Lima, Peru.

Speakers and presentation topics are selected by a committee of AGRO members and faculty at the Agricultural university of Peru.  The primary liaison in Lima is Professor Javier Vasquez Castro Department of Entomology, Agricultural University of Peru.

Nominations are sought for the 2015 Lecture Series (self-nominations are acceptable) and should include a brief outline of the proposed lecture topic and a short CV or resume of the proposed presenter.  Nominations should be submitted to  either John Johnston, Keith Solomon or Steve Duke.  Applied/practical topics pertaining to pest management and/or agrochemicals are preferred. Speakers receive reimbursement of travel expenses and a $1000 honorarium.

Previous Lecturers


  • Dr. Erdal Ozkan, Ohio State University, Tecnología de Aplicación de Plaguicidas (pesticide application technology)
  • Dr. David Mota-Sánchez, Michigan State University, Monitoreo de la resistencia a insecticidas (Monitoring pesticide resistance)
  • Dr. Luis Ruzo, Evans Analytical Group, Destino ambiental de los plaguicidas? (Environmental fate of pesticides)
  • Dra. Susan Erhardt, Michigan State University, Residuo de Plaguicidas en los alimentos (Pesticide Residues in food), and Workshop en Residuo de Plaguicidas en los alimentos (Workshop:Analysis of Pesticide Residues in food)
  • Dr. Luis Ruzo, Evans Analytical Group, Workshop en Manejo de Plaguicidas: Un enfoque mundial (Workshop: Management of Pesticides: A World Focus)


  • Dr. Jeff Bloomquist, University of Florida, Manejo de la resistencia a insecticidas (Managing resistance to pesticides)
  • Dr. Alejandro Pérez-Jones, Monsanto, Modo de acción y resistencia a herbicidas (Mode of action and resistance to herbicides)
  • Dr. John Johnston, USDA-FSIS, Ecotoxicología (Ecotoxicology)
  • Dr. Stephen Duke, USDA-ARS, Productos naturales para el control de plagas (Natural products for pest control)
  • Dr. Keith Solomon, University of Guelph, Evaluación de riesgo de los pesticidas (Pesticide risk assessment)
  • Dr. Luis Ruzo, Evans Analytical Group, Residuo de Pesticidas (Pesticide residues)