ACS Symposium Series Books

Organized by Topic Area

Advances in Agrochemical Residue, Analytical and Metabolism Chemistry & Metabolomics

Capturing and Reporting Electronic Data
Edited Willa Garner, Rodney M. Bennett, Markus Jensen
Pesticide Biotransformation in Plants and Microorganisms
Similarities and Divergences
Edited by J. Christopher Hall, Robert E. Hoagland, Robert M. Zablotowicz
Immunoanalysis of Agrochemicals
Emerging Technologies
Edited by Judd O. Nelson, Alexander E. Karu and Rosie B. Wong
Biosensor Design and Application
Edited by Paul R. Mathewson, John W. Finley

Agrochemical Toxicology and Mode of Action

Parameters for Pesticide QSAR and PBPK/PD Models for Human Risk Assessment
Edited by James B. Knaak, Charles Timchalk, Rogelio Tornero-Velez
DOI: 10.1021/bk-2012-1099
Computer-Aided Molecular Design
Applications in Agrochemicals, Materials, and Pharmaceuticals
Edited by Charles H. Reynolds, M. Katharine Holloway and Harold K. Cox
Classical and Three-Dimensional QSAR in Agrochemistry
Edited by Corwin Hansch and Toshio Fujita
Molecular Action of Insecticides on Ion Channels
Edited by J. Marshall Clark
Porphyric Pesticides
Chemistry, Toxicology, and Pharmaceutical Applications
Edited by Stephen O. Duke, Constantin A. Rebeiz

Air Quality: Emissions, Measurement, Modeling, Mitigation and Atmospheric Chemistry

Agricultural Air Quality Special Submissions
Journal of Environmental Quality
Edited by Scot Yates
Volume 40, 15 articles, pp 1347-1487, 2011
Occurrence, Fate and Impact of Atmopsheric Pollutants on Environmental and Human Health
Edited by Laura L. McConnell, Jordi Dachs, and Cathleen J. Hapeman
DOI: 10.1021/bk-2013-1149

Bioenergy and Biofuels from Agriculture

How Do Biofuels Impact Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
ACS Congressional Briefing
Moderated by Cathleen J. Hapeman
August 1, 2008

Bio-rationale Pesticides, Natural Products, Pheromones, and Chemical Signaling in Agriculture

Pest Management with Natural Products
Edited by John J. Beck, Joel R. Coats, Stephen O. Duke, Marja E. Koivunen
DOI: 10.1021/bk-2013-1141
Phytochemicals for Pest Control
Edited by Paul A. Hedin, Robert M. Hollingworth, Edward P. Masler, Junshi Miyamoto
Biorational Pest Control Agents
Formulation and Delivery
Edited by Franklin R. Hall, John W. Barry
Light-Activated Pest Control
Edited by James R. Heitz and Kelsey R. Downum
Bioregulators for Crop Protection and Pest Control
Edited by Paul A. Hedin

Developments in Integrated Pest Management and Resistance Management

Pesticides in Household, Structural and Residential Pest Management
Edited by Chris J. Peterson and Daniel M. Stout
Crop Protection Products for Organic Agriculture
Environmental, Health, and Efficacy Assessment
Edited by Allan S. Felsot, Kenneth D. Racke
Agrochemical Resistance
Extent, Mechanism, and Detection
Edited by J. Marshall Clark, Isamu Yamaguchi
Molecular Genetics and Evolution of Pesticide Resistance
Edited by Thomas M. Brown
Molecular Mechanisms of Insecticide Resistance
Diversity Among Insects
Edited by Christopher A. Mullin, Jeffrey G. Scott

Environmental Fate, Transport, and  Modeling of Agriculturally-related Chemicals

Pesticide Regulation and the Endangered Species Act
Edited by Kenneth D. Racke, Bernalyn D. McGaughey, James L. Cowles, A. Tilghman Hall, Scott H. Jackson, Jeffrey J. Jenkins, John J. Johnston
Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

Edited by Keri L. Henderson, Joel R. Coats
Synthetic Pyrethroids
Occurrence and Behavior in Aquatic Environments
Edited by: Jay Gan, Frank Spurlock, Paul Hendley, Donald P. Weston
Environmental Fate and Safety Management of Agrochemicals
Edited by J. Marshall Clark and Hideo Ohkawa
Environmental Impact of Fertilizer on Soil and Water
Edited by William L. Hall, Jr., Wayne P. Robarge
Water Quality Assessments in the Mississippi Delta
Regional Solutions, National Scope
Edited by Mary T. Nett, Martin A. Locke and Dean A. Pennington
Environmental Fate and Effects of Pesticides
Edited by Joel R. Coats and Hiroki Yamamoto
Terrestrial Field Dissipation Studies
Purpose, Design, and Interpretation
Edited by Ellen L. Arthur, Aldos C. Barefoot and Val E. Clay
Pesticide Environmental Fate
Bridging the Gap Between Laboratory and Field Studies
Edited by Warner Phelps, Kim Winton and William R. Effland
Agrochemical and Nutrient Impacts on Estuaries

Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry
Edited by Cathleen J. Hapeman and Laura L. McConnell
Volume 50, No. 15, 7 articles, pp. 4382-4429
Pesticides and Wildlife
Edited by John J. Johnston
Agrochemical Fate and Movement
Perspective and Scale of Study
Edited by Thomas R. Steinheimer, Lisa J. Ross and Terry D. Spittler
The Lysimeter Concept
Environmental Behavior of Pesticides
Edited by F. Führ, R. J. Hance, J. R. Plimmer, J. O. Nelson
Environmental Fate, Exposure, and Analysis
Edited by James N. Seiber, James E. Woodrow, Marylynn V. Yates, James A. Knuteson, N. Lee Wolfe, S. R. Yates
Phytoremediation of Soil and Water Contaminants
Edited by Ellen L. Kruger, Todd A. Anderson, Joel R. Coats
Herbicide Metabolites in Surface Water and Groundwater
Edited by M. T. Meyer, E. M. Thurman
Bioremediation through Rhizosphere Technology
Edited by Todd A. Anderson and Joel R. Coats
Pest Control with Enhanced Environmental Safety
Edited by Stephen O. Duke, Julius J. Menn, Jack R. Plimmer
Pesticide Waste Management
Technology and Regulation
Edited by John B. Bourke, Allan S. Felsot, Thomas J. Gilding, Janice King Jensen, James N. Seiber

Human Exposure and Risk Assessment

Non-Dietary Human Exposure and Risk Assessment
Edited by Michael E. Krolski and Curt Lunchick
Assessing Exposures and Reducing Risks to People from the Use of Pesticides
Edited by Robert I. Krieger, Nancy Ragsdale and James N. Seiber
Rational Environmental Management of Agrochemicals
Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Remedial Action
Edited by Ivan R. Kennedy, Keith R. Solomon, Shirley J. Gee, Angus N. Crossan, Shuo Wang and Francisco Sánchez-Bayo
Pesticides: Managing Risks and Optimizing Benefits
Edited by Nancy N. Ragsdale, James N. Seiber
Triazine Herbicides: Risk Assessment
Edited by Larry G. Ballantine, Janis E. McFarland, Dennis S. Hackett
Biomarkers for Agrochemicals and Toxic Substances
Applications and Risk Assessment
Edited by Jerry N. Blancato, Robert N. Brown, Curtis C. Dary, Mahmoud Abbas Saleh
Biomarkers of Human Exposure to Pesticides
Edited by Mahmoud A. Saleh, Jerry N. Blancato, Charles H. Nauman
Xenobiotics and Food-Producing Animals
Metabolism and Residues
Edited by D. H. Hutson, D. R. Hawkins, G. D. Paulson and C. B. Struble

Human and Animal Health Protection: Vector Control, Veterinary Pharmaceutical, Antimicrobial and Worker Protection Products

Advances in Human Vector Control
Edited by J. Marshall Clark, Jeffrey R. Bloomquist and Hitoshi Kawada

Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds

Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals Series VII
Edited by Gregory S. Basarab, John W. Lyga and George Theodoritis
New Discoveries in Agrochemicals
Edited by J. Marshall Clark, Hideo Okhawa
Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals Volume VI
Edited by Don R. Baker, Joseph G. Fenyes, George P. Lahm, Thomas P. Selby and Thomas M. Stevenson
Agrochemical Discovery
Insect, Weed, and Fungal Control
Edited by Don R. Baker, Noriharu Ken Umetsu
Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals V
Edited by Don R. Baker, Joseph G. Feynes, Gregory S. Basarab and David A. Hunt
Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals IV
Edited by Don R. Baker, Gregory S. Basarab and Joseph G. Fenyes
Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals III
Joseph G. Fenyes and James J. Steffens
Edited by Don R. Baker
Synthesis and Chemistry of Agrochemicals II
Edited by Don R. Baker, Joseph G. Fenyes, William K. Moberg

Technological Advances and Applications in Agricultural Science (e.g., Nanotechnology, Genetically-modified Organisms and Biocontrol Agents)

Agricultural Biotechnology
Challenges and Prospects
Edited by Mahesh K. Bhalgat, William P. Ridley, Allan S. Felsot and James N. Seiber

Urban Agriculture- Turf, Ornamentals, Household Products, and Water-Re-Use

Describing the Behavior and Effects of Pesticides in Urban and Agricultural Settings
Edited by Russell L. Jones, Mah Shamim, and Scott H. Jackson
DOI: 10.1021/bk-2014-1168
Turf Grass: Pesticide Exposure Assessment and Predictive Modeling Tools
Edited by Mary T. Nett, James N. Carleton, Joseph H. Massey
The Fate of Nutrients and Pesticides in the Urban Environment
Edited by Mary T. Nett, Mark J. Carroll, Brian P. Horgan and A. Martin
Fate and Management of Turfgrass Chemicals
Edited by J. Marshall Clark, Michael P. Kenna
Pesticides in Urban Environments
Fate and Significance
Edited by Kenneth D. Racke, Anne R. Leslie

Regulatory Harmonization and Maximum Residue Limits

International Pesticide Product Registration Requirements
The Road to Harmonization
Edited by Willa Garner, Patricia Royal, Francisca Liem