Program Committee

The Program Committee is made up of the Division Officers, Executive Committee members, Standing members, Volunteer members, and a Long Range Program Coordinator to keep a continuous record of past and future programming. If you have an interest in serving as a volunteer member of this committee, or if you would like more information on participating in AGRO programming, please contact Program Chair, Aldos Barefoot 

Standing Program Topics
  • Environmental Fate, Transport, Risk Assessment and Modeling of Agriculturally-Related Chemicals
  • Technological Advances and Applications in Agricultural Science: Nanotechnology, Genetically Modified Organisms, and Biocontrol Agents
  • Development of Value-Added Products from Agricultural Crops and Byproducts
  • Bioenergy and Biofuels from Agriculture
  • Natural Products, Pheromones, and Chemical Signaling in Agriculture
  • Human and Animal Health Protection: Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Antimicrobials, Worker Protection Products
  • Advances in Agrochemical Residue and Metabolism Chemistry
  • Urban Agriculture – Turf, Ornamentals, Household Products, and Water Re-Use
  • Developments in Integrated Pest Management and Resistance Management
  • Soil and Nutrient Management for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Agrochemical Toxicology and Mode of Action
  • Residue and Metabolism Chemistry
  • Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds
  • Exposure and Exposure Assessment Modeling