Strategic Plan

AGRO will hold its third strategic planning workshop in January 2011 in Dallas, Texas.  Participants will be:  Troy Anderson, Ellen Arthur, Al Barefoot, Ashli Brown, Keri Carstens, John Clark, Steve Duke, Jay Gan, Amrith Gunkserath, Marja Koivunen, Laura McConnell and Ken Racke. 

AGRO Member Needs Assessment Survey 2010
Current Mission Statement

The AGRO division promotes knowledge benefiting society through advancements in agricultural public health, and environment science and technologies


The AGRO division will increase its recognition as a global leader in agriculture, public health, and environmental sciences by engaging and energizing its membership to foster global interactions that provide innovative solutions to challenges facing our world.

Goals and Recent Accomplishments

Enhance the membership experience by providing accessible and innovative programs, educational products, mentoring and career services and opportunities for professional development

  • Development of a new website
  • Graduate Student Luncheon at each National Meeting
  • New Investigators Award initiated
  • Electronic Balloting

Primary Contacts: Patricia Rice and Dan Stout

Foster constructive interactions among diverse communities to provide solutions to agricultural, public health, and environmental concerns

  • Conducting workshop on Pesticide Exposure Risk Assessment in coordination with U.S. EPA at the 2008 ACS Fall National Meeting in Philadelphia

Primary Contacts: Joe Massey and John Johnston

Build the infrastructure for becoming a global center for solutions to problems of plant, animal, environmental and public health protection, and advancing scientific and regulatory harmonization.

  • Submitted Innovative Grants proposal to ACS to support AGRO proposes to hold a symposium on the minor use/harmonization problem at the 2009 ACS Fall National Meeting and Exposition in Washington DC, bringing top experts on this issue from around the world.

Primary Contacts: Chris Peterson and Jason Sandahl