Advances in measuring pyrethroid residues and bioavailability through the use of Stable Isotope labelled Internal Standards in environmental matrices

Category : 2015
Tags : pyrethroid, ecosystems, environmental matrices, SPME

December 9, 2015

Kevin Clark, ABC Laboratories

Kevin Clark

There is an increasing interest in the quantification of pyrethroid residues in environmental samples due to questions about their potential impact on aquatic ecosystems. Recent advances in research have been made in the use of stable isotope labelled internal standards for nine major pyrethroid active ingredients in water, sediment, influent, effluent and biosolids in addition to their use for simplifying SPME based quantification of bioavailable residues in environmental matrices. The webinar will demonstrate the ways these D6 labeled materials have been used for these matrices and will present the improvements in precision associated with these approaches. As a result of this research; newly available partition coefficients have been developed, new methods have been derived for quantification of residue, and guidance for assessing environmental matrices by pyrethroid analysis for the simultaneous determination of free and total concentrations by SPME has been developed.

Kevin Clark is the Senior Director, Operations for Residue and Field Management at ABC Laboratories, Inc. He has worked in the pesticide residue field for thirty years and has been working with and developing methods for the Pyrethroid Working Group for the last ten years.

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