Effect of adjuvants on residues in relation to routine residue trial variability (Philip A. Brindle and Jane Stewart)

Category : 2013

February 13, 2013

Philip A. Brindle and Jane Stewart, BASF Agricultural Solutions

Philip Brindle
Jane Stewart, BASF

Adjuvants added to farmers’ spray tanks may increase residues in crops, which could have implications for setting Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs). CropLife America’s Residue Expert Work Group analyzed a significant quantity of data to investigate the effect of adjuvants in side-by-side residue trials conducted with or without adjuvants. Residue data sets and methodologies used in development of the OECD MRL Calculator were applied in this work. Results showed there is a tendency for adjuvants to increase residues in certain crops; however, the observed increase should not be applied as a general rule. Any potential magnitude of increase due to adjuvants was shown to be well within the variability found in routine residue work, as well as the variability in estimating the corresponding MRLs.

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