In-situ passive sampling measurement of bioavailability of pyrethroids through the use of stable isotope labelled analogs as reference chemicals

Category : 2015
Tags : pyrethroids, pesticides, bioavailability, research

December 9, 2015

Jay Gan, University of California Riverside

Jay Gan

Pyrethroids are unique among contemporary pesticides because of their strong hydrophobicity and hence high affinity for solids. This property determines that bioavailability is a key variable bridging the occurrence and ecotoxicity of pyrethroids, especially in aquatic ecosystems. This presentation introduces the principles of bioavailability, summarize the use of passive samplers for measuring bioavailability of pyrethroids in water and sediment, and highlight problems for future research and applications.

Jay Gan is a Professor of Environmental Chemistry at UC Riverside and his research focuses on environmental fate and effects of man-made compounds including pesticides. Dr. Gan has published over 230 journal articles and has been actively involved in AGRO activities

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