Insecticide Discoveries, Toxicological Problem Approaches and Enjoying the Unexpected

Category : 2015

October 14, 2015

Keith D. Wing, Wing Consulting, LLC

There isn’t much rational debate as to the benefits that modern Agrochemicals deliver, but there is still debate and multiple approaches to their discovery and optimization. Many Agrochem companies run compounds “through a process” which provides a framework with which to characterize/prioritize agriculturally active leads quickly and efficiently. However every lead compound series poses different and unique problems on the commercialization path, and the ability of the team to expeditiously solve those problems, some of which may fall outside of ongoing processes, can determine ultimate success. This talk will reflect on 3 insecticide classes which teams were able to discover, chemically optimize and eventually register as commercial products. It is hoped that this presentation and the associated symposium on applying “ADME-like studies” to agrochemical discovery will stimulate reflection on how to go about finding novel, valuable new crop protectants in the future.

Dr. Keith Wing, recently retired from DuPont, is the recipient of the 2015 ACS International Award for Research in Agrochemicals. Dr. Wing received this award for his research and exceptional accomplishments in metabolism, and bioavailability research. Dr. Wing is a co-inventor or author on a number of insecticide and enzyme technology patents and publications. He has led/worked on teams which used a variety of biochemical/chemical technologies to discover and commercialize new products, leading to positive agricultural business outcomes. He is currently a consultant in industrial biochemistry and strategic planning, specializing in agricultural and renewable chemical areas.

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