Opportunities and Challenges of Conducting Terrestrial Field Dissipation Studies for Global Agrochemicals Registration Programs

Category : 2014
Tags : terrestrial, dissipation, studies, agrochemicals, north america, guidelines

February 12, 2014

Richard Allen, Senior Manager, Valent Technical Center, Valent U.S.A. Corporation, Dublin, California

Richard Allen

Terrestrial field dissipation studies are almost always required for registration of agrochemicals in North America and, depending upon the results of laboratory studies, frequently required in Europe. An OECD expert group is currently engaged in developing harmonized guidance for conduct of studies and a crosswalk for comparison of North American and European Ecoregions. Following the ACS symposium in September, this presentation will present a perspective on the opportunities and challenges of conducting these studies to better inform environmental risk assessments as well as to satisfy the regulatory data requirements of European and North American authorities.

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