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AGRO Vision Statement

Advancing Responsible Agriculture and Global Health

AGRO Mission Statement

Growing a Global Community to Create Solutions for Agriculture, Public Health, and the Environment


Strategic Planning Participants

Kevin Armbrust
​, Louisiana State University
Edmund Norris​, USDA-ARS
Leah Riter​, Bayer Crop Science

​Team Members:
John Clark, University Massachusetts, Amherst
Aaron Gross​, Virginia Tech
Michelle Hladik​, US Geological Survey
Heidi Irrig​, Syngenta
Emily Nolan, US EPA
Yelena Sapozhnikova​, USDA-ARS
Solito Sumulong, AgriThority

If you are interested in participating in Strategic Plan Goal Activities please contact any of the chairs.

GOAL 1: Membership. Engage and retain new and existing members. Champion: Edmund Norris

1-1. Student -to-early career. Appoint committee of students in which they guide their professional development and actively contribute in AGRO with the help of seasoned AGRO mentors. Champions: Emily Nolan, John Clark

1-2. Early-to-mid career opportunities. Form a committee to seek out novel opportunities that support and engage early-to-mid career individuals. Champions: Yelena Sapozhnikova, Edmund Norris

1-3. Re-energize member participation through social events, non-technical programming, and social media. Champions: Heidi Irrig, John Clark

GOAL 2: Information/Knowledge. Deliver information through new means of communication. Champion – Kevin Armbrust

2-1. Strategic Programming: Revisit and refresh the structure of [meetings] to engage the AGRO community through advertising and marketing [of events], symposia offered, and new technologies. Champions: Aaron Gross, Heidi Irrig

2-2 Professional Development: Create a series of workshops/seminars on topics such as applying for jobs, awards, and professional trainings. Champions: Champions: Michelle Hladik, Emily Nolan

2-3 Knowledge Sharing: In 18 months, develop a platform for sharing content such as (webinars, symposia, workshops that are easily sharable and publicized on social media. Champions: Yelena Sapozhnikova​, Solito Sumulong

GOAL 3: AGRO 2050. Create a future ready Division that serves as a key resource for the global agrochemical community

3-1. Future Vision. Create a AGRO 2050 Committee to create and periodically refine a vision to prepare the division to serve the community of the future. Champions: Leah Riter, Kevin Armbrust

3-2. Accessibility. Capture legacy institutional knowledge, evaluate against future needs and develop best practice documents for key AGRO leadership responsibilities. Champions: Aaron Gross, Leah Riter

3-3. Modernization. To ensure continuity AGRO will develop a digital infrastructure for AGRO resources, fully digitalize AGRO communications, and succession plans for key AGRO roles. Champions: Edmund Norris, Michelle Hladik 

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