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AGRO, a Division of the American Chemical Society, brings together a worldwide community of scientists and stakeholders to advance knowledge and promote innovative solutions for the protection of agricultural productivity, public health, and environment.


Vote AGRO!

Select the Next Leaders of AGRO

Dear AGRO Membership,

Those eligible to vote in our election may have already received an email this week with the ballot and candidate biographies. Voting occurs now through July 12th, and I encourage you to participate in selecting our leadership. We have several candidates running for multiple offices because, while they are happy to maintain their current leadership roles, they also want to be considered for new leadership roles.

This is your division, so please let your voice be heard by casting your vote and selecting the leadership that will best serve our community.

New AGRO Position Available

Program Administrator

This position is ideal for individuals who are organized, proactive, and capable of balancing independent work with team collaboration. The Program Administrator for the Division of Agrochemicals (AGRO), part of the American Chemical Society (ACS), will play a crucial role in the successful execution of the division’s technical programs and will support AGRO leadership in division operations and logistics.

Please email for more information or interest in the position.

For more information, see job description below:

New Student and Early PI Travel Award Opportunities!

Travel awards for this year and beyond!

Check out these exciting new travel award opportunities for new principal investigators and students! Learn more on our Awards Page:

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