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AGRO, a Division of the American Chemical Society, brings together a worldwide community of scientists and stakeholders to advance knowledge and promote innovative solutions for the protection of agricultural productivity, public health, and environment.


Thank You to Our Volunteers

Thank you to all AGRO Volunteers for a very successful Virtual Program

Symposium proposals for the 2022 AGRO program are now being accepted in the Call for Papers Template Format via the On-Line Form.

The AGRO Business Meeting has been postponed until September 23. All AGRO Members are welcome to attend. Contact Sharon Schneider for information.

Congratulations to all our awardees


AGRO Division was given Full Division Status in 1970. The purpose of this timeline is to highlight AGRO history along with important scientific and regulatory developments in agrochemicals.

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Pacifichem 2021

AGRO is Hosting Eleven Pacifichem Symposia

  • Proteomics and metabolomics in agricultural, environmental,and public health sciences (131), Qing Li (USA) and John Johnston (USA)
  • Pesticide Residues in Food: Advancing global standards that facilitate trade and ensure consumer safety (126), Jason Sandahl (USA), John Johnston (USA), and Ken Racke (USA)
  • Deciphering chemical signals and omics for sustainable pest management (130), Charles Cantrell (USA)
  • Rodenticide Environmental Fate and Nontarget Effects (141), Katie Swift (USA)
  • Emerging technologies and advances in measuring and assessing the environmental fate of pesticides and other agrochemicals (146), Mingming Ma (USA) and Amy Ritter (USA)
  • Developments in pesticide ecological risk assessment approaches in the Pacific Rim (144), Amy Ritter (USA) Wenlin Chen (USA) and Pat Havens (USA)
  • Recent developments in the analysis of pesticide residues in foods: advances and challenges (23), Yelena Sapozhnikova (USA), Lijun Han (China) and Machiko Saka (Japan)
  • New formulations & application technologies of pesticides in sustainable plant protection: From theory to practice (143), Pat Havens (USA)
  • Toward the chemistry of plant growth regulators (136), Yunde Zhao (USA)
  • Agricultural Sustainability: The critical links between chemistry, exposure assessment, risk assessment, and regulations (151), Jeanette Van Emon (USA)
  • Chemistry and the Rice Field Ecosystem (138), Kevin Armbrust (USA

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