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AGRO, a Division of the American Chemical Society, brings together a worldwide community of scientists and stakeholders to advance knowledge and promote innovative solutions for the protection of agricultural productivity, public health, and environment.


"AGRO50 and Beyond" Celebration is Coming to Atlanta in 2021

Find out the latest on the AGRO50 and Beyond Celebration


AGRO is seeking symposium proposals for 2021

Contact Program Chair, Qing Li ( for questions and feedback on your ideas.

Submit the final version of your “Call for Papers” templates using the on-line form.

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AGRO50 and Beyond Celebration - 2021 ACS Fall National Meeting, 22 to 26 August 2021, Atlanta

AGRO invites you to participate in our 50th Anniversary Celebration, "AGRO50 and Beyond", at the ACS Fall National Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on August 22-26, 2021. The theme of this ACS Meeting is "Resilience of Chemistry". The format of this meeting has not yet been decided by ACS (i.e., virtual, hybrid, or in-person). For more information on the AGRO50 and Beyond Celebration, please see our Special AGRO50 Webpage or contact event co-chairs Ken Racke or Jeanette Van Emon. The 2021 AGRO Program Chair is Dr. Qing Li ( He is currently seeking symposia proposals. Please contact Qing Li for early contacts and questions on your symposium idea. Please use the Call for Papers template to submit your symposium proposal. Download the Call for Papers Template Organizers should use the electronic form below to submit their final version of your Call for Papers file. This will be the only mechanism to officially submit the final version of your Call for Papers files. Please use the file naming format: lastname_symposium-title.docx, for example Riter_Novel-Analytical-Methods-For-Pesticides.docx. [gravityform id="7" title="true" description="true"]  

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Leveraging the Insect and Fruit Microbiomes to Control An Invasive Fruit Fly

Adam CN Wong, Assistant Professor, University of Florida

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Communicating Pesticide Food Safety Issues to the Public

Carl K. Winter, University of California, Davis

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Metabolic Resistance to Herbicides: What we Know and Why it Matters

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Incorporating the Benefits of Vegetative Filter Strips into Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Pesticides

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