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WEBINAR RECORDING: The evolving landscape for Ag Biotech in Africa – opportunities and challenges

Presented: March 13, 2024

Presenters: Godwin Nana Yaw Lemgo, Regulatory Scientific Affairs Lead for Africa, Bayer Crop Science

Moderator: Laura McConnell, Science Fellow, Regulatory Scientific Affairs, Bayer Crop Science

Description: Godwin Lemgo of Bayer will explore the potentials of biotech in contributing to sustainable food production in Africa and how this landscape is quickly evolving from a continent that was generally very opposed to such agricultural innovations to one that is now embracing this technology. The opportunities are great, but this also requires the creation of enabling environments to help overcome current challenges and facilitate technology uptake.

Presenter Bio: In his current role, Godwin tackles regulatory and policy challenges influencing the delivery of agricultural innovations and tailored solutions to large and smallholder farmers by building strategic partnerships and engagement with regulators, scientists, academics, policy makers and many other stakeholders to promote sound science, defend the safety and benefits of agricultural technologies, and to champion science-based regulatory systems. Before this role, Godwin worked as a Program officer with the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD). He has a background in Food Science, Nutrition and Biosafety of Agricultural Biotechnology.

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