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The US EPA CompTOX Chemicals Dashboard – A Data Integration Hub to Serve the Environmental Sciences

Dr. Antony Williams, US EPA

Antony Williams is a Computational Chemist at the US Environmental Protection Agency in the National Center for Computational Toxicology. He has been involved in cheminformatics and the dissemination of chemical information for over thirty years. He has worked at a university as an analytical laboratory manager, at a Fortune 500 company (Eastman Kodak), in two successful start-ups (ACD/Labs and ChemSpider), for the Royal Society of Chemistry (in publishing) and, now, at the EPA.

The US EPA CompTox Chemicals Dashboard ( is a web-based application providing access to ~875,000 chemical substances and diverse data types including physicochemical property, toxicity and EPA’s ToxCast data.

Recorded on November 13, 2019

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