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The AGRO Division has established an endowment fund to be used to promote an understanding of the role of chemistry in agriculture. To address this goal, student awards will be made through the Division’s Education Committee.

The subject of the presentation should pertain to the chemistry of the AGRO Division. Topics should relate to pest management chemistry including synthesis, metabolism, regulatory, biotechnology, delivery, risk assessment, resistance, residues, mode of action, fate/behavior/transport, and agronomic practices. The AGRO Division is also interested in chemical products made from agricultural commodities and byproducts, including biofuels and the issues surrounding their production.

Selected undergraduate and graduate students were awarded up to $600 each to help defray costs of attendance to give poster and oral presentations at the 262nd ACS National Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 22-26, 2021.  First, Second, and Third place winners in the poster competition will receive an additional cash award.  Please see the application form below for more details.

2020 Awardees

Oral Presentations

  • Maura J. Hall, Iowa State University
  • Jocelyn M. Macho, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Ryan Paul, Colorado State University
  • Zijiang Yang, University of Maryland at College Park

Poster Presentations

  • Jena Congilosi, University of Buffalo – SUNY
  • Rebecca Dickman, University of Buffalo – SUNY
  • Kadie E. Britt, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Courtney N. Huerter, Iowa State University
  • Juliano Toniato, University of California, Davis
  • Colin Wong, Iowa State University
  • Christopher J. Fellows, Louisiana State University
  • Logan Running, University of Buffalo – SUNY
  • Felipe Andreazza, Michigan State University
  • Rui Chen, Louisiana State University
  • Caleb L. Corona, Iowa State University
  • Ellis Johnson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Zhlilin Li, Louisiana State University
  • Sarah McComic, Louisiana State University
  • Wilson Rodrigues Valbon, Michigan State University
  • Na Xie, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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Education Award Chairs:
Aaron Gross, Virginia Tech

Please see the Call for Nominations document for detailed instructions on how to submit your application.

Student Travel Award Winners
2019 Student Poster Competition Winners: Diana Aga (Coordinator), Shiyao Jiang (Second Place), Christopher Fellows (First Place), Rui Chen (Third Place), and Marja Koivunen (Coordinator)

2019 Poster Competition Winners

  • 1st Prize – Christopher Fellows, Toxicological relevance of potassium ion channels to honeybee immune health, Louisiana State University, Daniel Swale
  • 2nd Prize – Shiyao Jiang, Synergistic effects of potassium channel blockers and pyrethroids: mosquitocidal activity and neuronal mode of action. University of Florida, Gainesville, Jeffrey Bloomquist
  • 3rd Prize – Rui Chen, Inducing neural failure through chemical inhibition to insect inward rectifier potatssium channels, Louisiana State University, Daniel Swale

2018 Poster Competition Winners

  • 1st Prize – Edwin Murenzi,Use of microtransplanted rat brain tissue in Xenopus oocytes to determine the toxicodynamic differences of pyrethroids on sodium channel isoforms in juvenile and adult mammalian brains. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, John Clark.
  • 2nd Prize – Shiyao Jiang, High-throughput screening apparatus for evaluating spatial repellency and vapor toxicity of commercially available and candidate repellent compounds. University of Florida, Jeffrey Bloomquist
  • 3rd Prize – Mary Grace Guardian, Estrone in aquatic systems in the presence of poultry litter and cow manure: Determination of its fate, degree of mineralization, and changes in its endocrine disrupting potential. University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Diana Aga

2017 Poster Competition Winners

  • 1st Prize – Zhilin Li, Characterizing the physiological role and toxicological potential of potassium transport pathways in the tick salivary gland, Louisiana State University, Daniel Swale.
  • 2nd Prize – Shiyao Jiang, Synergistic effect of permethrin with potassium channel blockers on Anopheles gambiae,University of Florida, Jeffrey Bloomquist.
  • Co 3rd Prize Winners –
    • Ping He, Mass spectrometry based detection of vitellogenin peptides as biomarker of fish exposure to estrogenic compounds in aquatic, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Diana Aga.
    • Lei Su, Transformation of 2,4-D herbicides in simulated leaf surface systems, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Ning Dai.

2016 Poster Competition Winners

  • 1st Prize – Edmund Norris, Exploring the relationship between PaOA1 receptor modulation and the insecticidal character of monoterpenoids. Iowa State University, Joel Coats.
  • 2nd Prize – Nita Gabriela Chavez Soria, Mass Spectral identification of biomarkers of exposure to silver nanoparticles in corn roots, University of New York at Buffalo, Diana Aga.
  • 3rd Prize – Scott O’Neal, Cardiac regulation of viral infection in a model social insect, Virginia Tech, Troy Anderson.
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