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This Lectureship was established in 1981 by ARS to honor the memory of Sterling B. Hendricks and to recognize scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the chemical science of agriculture. Hendricks contributed to many diverse scientific disciplines, including soil science, mineralogy, agronomy, plant physiology, geology, and chemistry. The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2022.  For more information, direct inquiries to

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2023 Awardee

Gary List is a veteran of the U.S. Army (1960-1963) where he worked as a technican at the U.S. Army Medical Laboratory at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. He was the coauthor of two publications in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and the Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. His contributions were further recognized by a commendation from the U.S. Secretary of Defense and a promotion to E-5.


Gary began his career in the USDA-Agricultural Research Service at the Northern Regional Research Laboratory in Peoria, Illinois in 1963 as a physical science aid and was quickly promoted to GS-9. In 1971, he completed an AD with 30 hours of chemistry, and in 1975, he was promoted to GS-11 Chemist. He retired in 2007 as a GS-15.


Gary was awarded a D.Sc.(Honoris Causa) by the University of Illinois in 2011 in recognition of his reseach on soybean oil. His research has encompased virtually every phase of oilseed processing and edible fats and oils. He is the author of 490 publications, including 45 book chapters and editor of 8 books. He has contributed to four revisions of the standard fats and oils textbook Baileys Industrial Oil And Fat Products publinshed in 1985, 1996, 2005, and 2020.


Gary has received the top awards in lipids, food, and agricutural chemistry from the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS), Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), American Chemical Society (ACS), and European Federation Lipid Technology. He has been active in AOCS, IFT, and ACS and is a fellow in each. Service awards from AOCS include the Award of Merit and the Baldwin Distinguished Service Award. He was selected as the IFT Chicago Section Fred W.Tanner Lecturer and was only the second bench chemist to give it in its 50 year history. The IFT Minnesota Section presented him with the Harold Macy Award for technology transfer activities between government, industry, and academia. Just two other USDA scientists have received the Macy Award since 1981. In 2006, the United Soybean Board honored him with a Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his contributions to the soybean industry. He has given invited plenary lectures in Canada, Austria, China, Turkey, and Taiwan.


Gary and his wife have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. His hobbies include military history and the history of the fats and oils industry. They are both active in their local church and inner city ministry. From 1989 to 2002, they were foster and adoptive parents to 20 children.

Past Awardees


Norman E. Borlaug, Nobel Laureate, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, Mexico City, Mexico


Warren L. Butler, University of California-San Diego


Melvin Calvin, Nobel Laureate, University of California-Berkeley


Frederick Ausubel, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts


Alan Putnam, Michigan State University, East Lansing


Ralph Hardy, Cornell University and BioTechnica International, Ithaca, New York


Mary-Dell Chilton, Ciba-Geigy Corporation, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina


Bruce N. Ames, University of California, Berkeley


Sanford A. Miller, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas


Roy L. Whistle, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana


Peter S. Eagleson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge


John E. Casida, University of California-Berkeley


Philip H. Abelson, Deputy Editor, Science, and Scientific Advisor to AAAS, Washington, DC


Wendell L. Roelofs, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York


Winslow R. Briggs, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Stanford, California


Hugh D. Sisler, University of Maryland, College Park


Ernest Hodgson, North Carolina State University, Raleigh


Morton Beroza, USDA-ARS (retired), Beltsville, Maryland


Bruce D. Hammock, University of California-Davis


William S. Bowers, University of Arizona, Tuscon





Malcolm Thompson, USDA-ARS (retired), Beltsville, Maryland


Irvin E. Liener, University of Minnesota, St. Paul


Kriton Kleanthis Hatzios, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg


Robert L. Buchanan, Food and Drug Administration, College Park, Maryland


Donald L. Sparks, University of Delaware, Newark


Stanley B. Prusiner, Nobel Laureate, University of California, San Francisco


Bruce E. Dale, Michigan State University, East Lansing


Fergus M. Clydesdale, University of Massachusetts-Amherst


Charles J. Arntzen, Arizona State University-Tempe


Chris Somerville, Director of the Energy Biosciences Institute, Berkeley, California


Deborah P. Delmer, University of California-Davis


Eric Block, University at Albany, State University of New York


Keith Solomon, University of Guelph, Canada


Robert T. Fraley, Monsanto, Company, St. Louis, Missouri


James Tumlinson, Penn State, University Park


May R. Berenbaum, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


John Pickett, Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom


James N. Seiber, University of California, Davis


John W. Finley, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge


Thomas C. Sparks, Corteva Agrisciences, Wilmington, DE


Fereidon Shahidi, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland, Canada


Stephen Duke, USDA-ARS, Stoneville, MS

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