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Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund or EDF is a United States-based nonprofit environmental group known for its work on issues including global warming, ecosystem restoration, oceans, and human health. View Source

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Rachel Carson Publishes Landmark Book Silent Spring

A marine biologist from Springdale, Pennsylvania, Rachael Caron, wrote a book Silent Spring that described the severe adverse effects that can be caused by the improper and excessive use of pesticides. The book raised awareness of environmental concerns and led…

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Sierra Club Founded

Founded in San Francisco, CA by John Muir as a group interested in exploring and sponsoring outings in the mountains of the Pacific coast. Muir was known as the Father of the National Parks and a co-founder of the National…

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Morrill Acts – Land Grant Universities

The Morrill Acts established the Land Grant Universities and allowed for research and education for the agricultural community. These Land Grant Universities continue to play a critical role in our society. View Source

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