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AGRO Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

Co-Sponsored by Eurofins

Incorporating the Benefits of Vegetative Filter Strips into Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Pesticides

March 13, 2018 12 to 1 PM Eastern Standard Time
Moderated by Laura McConnell


This webinar is a collection of selected plenary presentations from the recent Workshop on Innovation and Regulation in Agriculture held in Raleigh, North Carolina. Vegetative filter strips (VFS) are widely used by producers to mitigate runoff and erosion from production areas. VFS effectiveness for mitigating nutrient runoff and soil erosion is well-established. A growing body of literature has shown that VFS are also effective at mitigating pesticide runoff. Currently the contribution of VFS are not considered in the standard pesticide exposure assessment scenarios utilized by US EPA. This webinar will provide a variety of viewpoints and scientific evidence on VFS from regulatory, academia, government and industry and will describe recent outcomes from the workshop.


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