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Pacifichem 2020

Abstracts Now Being Accepted for AGRO Symposia at Pacifichem 2020

Pacifichem 2020

December 15 – 20, 2020
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Deadline for Abstracts is April 1, 2020

AGRO is Hosting Eleven Pacifichem Symposia

Titles/organizers and symposium numbers:

  • Proteomics and metabolomics in agricultural, environmental,and public health sciences (131), Qing Li (USA) and John Johnston (USA)
  • Pesticide Residues in Food: Advancing global standards that facilitate trade and ensure consumer safety (126), Jason Sandahl (USA), John Johnston (USA), and Ken Racke (USA)
  • Deciphering chemical signals and omics for sustainable pest management (130), Charles Cantrell (USA)
  • Rodenticide Environmental Fate and Nontarget Effects (141), Katie Swift (USA)
  • Emerging technologies and advances in measuring and assessing the environmental fate of pesticides and other agrochemicals (146), Mingming Ma (USA) and Amy Ritter (USA)
  • Developments in pesticide ecological risk assessment approaches in the Pacific Rim (144), Amy Ritter (USA) Wenlin Chen (USA) and Pat Havens (USA)
  • Recent developments in the analysis of pesticide residues infoods: advances and challenges (23), Yelena Sapozhnikova (USA), Lijun Han (China) and Machiko Saka (Japan)
  • New formulations & application technologies of pesticides in sustainable plant protection: From theory to practice (143), Pat Havens (USA)
  • Toward the chemistry of plant growth regulators (136), Yunde Zhao (USA)
  • Agricultural Sustainability: The critical links between chemistry, exposure assessment, risk assessment, and regulations (151), Jeanette Van Emon (USA)
  • Chemistry and the Rice Field Ecosystem (138), Kevin Armbrust (USA)

Abstract Submission Instructions

Go to website:

  • Before submitting an abstract, note the symposium’s Topic Area, Title, and Symposium ID #
  • To submit an abstract, Create an Account on the 2020 Pacifichem Abstracts System:
  • Abstracts must be submitted online using the 2020 Pacifichem Abstracts System.
  • Abstracts limited to 2,000 characters (~ 250 words).
  • Abstracts are submitted on the last step of the abstract submission process.
  • Abstracts left as a Draft or incomplete will not be considered or reviewed.
  • Symposia in the technical program will accept both Oral and Poster type abstracts.
  • All abstract submissions will be reviewed for acceptance by the symposium organizers.


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