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What’s happening in the Wild, Wild West of the Hemp and Cannabis Industries?

Presented: February 16, 2022

Presenter: Thuy Vu, Founder and CEO of Thuy Vu Consulting

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill has fueled competitive innovation of unique extraction and refinement methods along with the introduction of various hemp extracts and infused products. How are the cultivation and production of these products regulated? What local/state/federal regulations, codes, and standards need to be considered when regulating this nascent industry? We will explore the basic process flow and food safety considerations during the cultivation, handling, processing, manufacturing, and labeling of products containing hemp/cannabis, hemp/cannabis concentrates, and hemp/cannabis-derived compounds.

Thuy founded Thuy Vu Consulting LLC in 2016 and offers consulting services for food, dietary supplement, cosmetic, and cannabis operations specializing in compliance, food safety and foodborne illnesses/outbreak investigations, public health, process control, full-chain traceability, QAQC, product testing, product specification, product labeling, cGMP, HACCP, ISO Accreditation, Organic Certification, Kosher Certification, fire & building codes, occupational health & safety, regulatory engagement, and environmental stewardship.

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