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WEBINAR RECORDING: The Impact of Adjuvant and Formulation Type on UAV Application

Presented: September 14, 2022

Presenter: Jason Wall – Crop Care Applications Team Leader at Croda, Inc.

Moderator: Solito Sumulong – AgriThority and ISAA Agrochemical Network

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for agrochemical applications has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, particularly in Asia, due to the convenience of use and the current labor shortage in these countries. Compared with conventional ground application, the spray volume for UAV application is significantly less, resulting in more highly concentrated tank mixtures. This work examines the impact that several classes of formulations and tank-mix adjuvants have on the performance of a UAV application. The physical-chemical properties that may impact performance are examined in the laboratory for UAV spray mixtures without and with adjuvants, and the biological efficacy of the mixtures is assessed through field trials. The results of both sets of studies are discussed in context of each other to gain insight on how adjuvants may impact the effectiveness of UAV spray applications.

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